Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The old and the forgotten

Well I guess I'll start with all of my old stuff..just to catch up with every body......And also to see how much I've grown.....

Here's a self portrait from freshman year...awwww feels like it was just yesterday.

One of the models at school...I remember the first time I drew from a nude model, I was so nervous I was sweating and I kept dropping my

Here another model

The Frankenstein assignment, everybody had to do this.

Ok enough of the freshman stuff...

Here is a portrait of my little sis on the right and my step moms newest baby....(she has a lot:)
Did it sophmore year....see already a jump.

OOOOOOoooh now were getting into color....sophomore year still life of fruits....and an onion

This iguana got me on the school poster...oh yeah!! color pencil sophomore

first waterbased oil painting...woo hooo end of sophomore year

and so began my digital career.... sophomore year second semester started dipping into photoshop for characters and environments class with keith Newton....good guy, good teacher

Looks like Finding Nemo right:) thats because I want to work for Pixar sooooo bad it's insane..

Just an environment, plane crash..

Honda should definately start making jetpacks...This is my friend Anthony Campbell...nobody can tell because he doesn't smile in real life......It was really hard getting him to smile for this picture now that I think of (it just doesn't look natural)

Here are Da Rejects!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously want to make these guys a saturday cartoon,, if anybody is interested in helping me make that happen let me know

Ali "the Greatest" painted in acrylic

This was for a comic book cover contest over the summer in between sophomore and junior year...and guess what its still going....they have yet to announce the winner..... They must have forgotten about us:(......tsk tsk UVC magazine... tsk tsk

Ok thanks for bearing with me through that three year retrospective of my schooling
Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did....
Now onto the more current stuff...

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